About Us

A fusion of expertise and passion

Over the last 30 years, Pro Foncier has developed a unique knowledge and expertise of the real estate market in Mauritius. Our experience and dynamism maintain our position as one of the most active agencies on the island.

Professionalism, trust, and integrity are the core values of our team of real estate specialists, who are committed to continually exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our friendly and competent staff will welcome you and make your project a reality.

Our Services

Pro Foncier is a licensed real estate agency that is governed by the « Real Estate Agent Authority», the regulatory body for the real estate industry in Mauritius.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, we strive to offer highly professional and efficient service to meet all our clients’property undertakings.

Our clients can rely on our transparent and reliable ethics, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the Mauritian real estate market to service all their needs.

Our agency mandate includes the following services:

  • investment and development advice;
  • advice on the market value of the property for sale or rent;
  • marketing of the property;
  • identification of potential clients for the purchase or rental of a property,
  • site visits with clients;
  • negotiations with interested clients and owners to reach a satisfactory compromise for the purchase or rental of a property; and
  • gathering all the necessary documents for concluding the sale or rental.

In line with the regulatory obligations governing our industry (Financial Intelligence and Anti Money Laundering Act, United Nations Sanctions Act and the AML/CFT/CPF guidelines issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit), the company is required to collect personal information aboutits clients.

The AML/CFT/CPF (Anti Money Laundering, Combating Financing of Terrorism and Counter Proliferation) guidelines stipulate that the following information must be collected from clients to comply with the regulatory framework.

For a Natural Person

For a Legal Person (Company, Société, Partnership and Foundation)

For Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), additional information will be required.

All information collected will be treated as confidential and managed in line with the Data Protection Act.

Our Team

Our Agency combines the required skills to best meet all our customers’ needs. Our reputation and expertise are based on our three decades of experience in the Mauritian property landscape, as well as our passion for service and quality work.

   Our team

« Our experienced and dynamic team is always ready to go the extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations.»

Our team is ready to advise and accompany you in all your property projects. Meet our colleagues who will be happy to assist you.

Our Agency Conditions

The agency conditions and fees charged for our services are in line with Mauritian regulations, i.e.:

  • Sale: 2% of the value of the property+15% VAT.
  • Rent: 10% of the total rental value over the lease period up to a maximum equivalent to one month’s rent + 15% VAT.

The agency fees are payable upon signature of the sale or lease agreement.

Other regulatory fees payable when a property is purchased or sold are as follows:

  • registration fees equal to 5% of the property value payable to the Government of Mauritius by the buyer and the owner; and
  • notary fees on the property value payable by the buyer amounting to:
    • 2.0% on the first Rs 250,000; plus
    • 1.5% on the next Rs 500,000; plus
    • 1.0% on the following Rs 1,000,000; and
    • 0.5 % on the balance.
    • plus 15% VAT on the total fees payable.

Our News

Expertise and passion under the same roof

At a time when women’s empowerment and leadership are at the top of the agenda, let’s take a look at the best that Mauritius has achieved over the past decades. While some people only see Mauritian women as caring mothers, others take the time to acknowledge the hard work done by these wonder women who inspire greatness and aspire to common well-being on a daily basis! The example set by Pro Foncier is worth a look. This 100% committedreal estate agency is one of those places in Mauritius where people can expect service excellence and a warm welcome from nice people. Visitors come to Pro ...

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City Connect Apartments - New project in Quatre Bornes

City Connect Apartments - New project in Quatre Bornes

Perfecting the art of living comfortably, at the heart of a sought-after citySet at the heart of a quiet residential area, close to central Quatre Bornes and only a 5-minute walk from the convenient hop on hop off metro, City Connect is the new apartments project you have been looking for; smart, cosy and convenient!Showcasing twelve 2-bedroom units over 3 floors, ranging between 75 and 97 m2, the project follows the architect’s mantra of “thinking compact living, maxing out on home space”.As more and more people start living in smaller homes, the compact ...

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Atria is where you should be !

Atria is where you should be !

Mark our words, this is one of the golden opportunities for a smart investment, in a modern concept blending spacious indoor and outdoor living, with spectacular perspectives over the Candos Hill, Corps de Garde Mountain, Port Louis Range and the cherry on the cake would be the privileged scenery backdropped by our iconic Mauritian Sunset.Featuring six floors, Atria Sodnac is the new exclusively residential complex where innovative architecture amalgamates the comfort of a house whilst providing families the luxury feeling of owning a residential unit. Our prestigious selection of only 48 ...

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Measures to stimulate local property demand

Measures to stimulate local property demand

In August 2021, the Government of Mauritius has introduced new measures to stimulate demand and address the slowdown in the local property market caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Home ownership has been made easier for the people of Mauritius with the adoption of new fiscal measures, including the Home Ownership Refund Scheme. The latter provides for a 5% refund – up to Rs 500,000 – of the purchase price of a house, apartment or land for building a house in the 2021-22 financial year. In case of resale during the first year, this amount will have to be reimbursed. The scheme also includes a 5% refund on ...

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Reopening of Mauritian borders

Reopening of Mauritian borders

The phased reopening of Mauritian borders to international travellers reached a new milestone on Friday1 October 2021. Quarantine restrictions have been lifted for fully vaccinated visitors. Leveraging one of the highest full vaccination rates in Africa (over 80% of the adult population by late September 2021) and proven health protocols, the Government of Mauritius has officially reopened the country’s borders, which had been closed to non-essential travel since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision is expected to have a positive impact on foreign investment in sectors such as tourism and real ...

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Foreign property investment gets a boost

Foreign property investment gets a boost

The 2021-22 national budget includes certain measures to further facilitate property acquisition in Mauritius by foreign citizens. This package of incentives aims to encourage foreign investment in the sector. The entry price for a freehold villa in existing property acquisition schemes has been reduced to USD 375,000. Another interesting measure is the granting of residence permits to foreigners who buy an apartment worth at least USD 375,000 within a G+2 development. Registration fees on the sale of a residential property under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) or Real Estate Scheme ...

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Relocating to Mauritius without investing in a property

Relocating to Mauritius without investing in a property

There is no absolute requirement to invest in a property to be allowed to live and work in Mauritius. The Government has provided other means, with a simple and convenient process. Here is an overview of the options available.  The Occupation PermitThe Occupation Permitenables a foreigner to work and live in Mauritius for 10 years and is renewable. The four categories available are: Investor, Innovator, Professional and Self-Employed entrepreneurs.  Investorsmust invest at least USD ...

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