Foreign Buyers

Mauritian Legislation

Since 2002, it is much easier for foreigners to own property in Mauritius. This sector is governed by a very strict legal framework which offers great security to buyers and there are now a number of different property schemes with various advantages for buyers, including the residence permit and tax incentives.

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Property Acquisition Schemes

There are currently six different schemes, which come with various benefits, including residence permits and tax incentives, for potential buyers.

Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

The IRSconsists of smaller real estate developments than the IRS with various exclusive options, including villas, penthouses, duplexes and apartments. The entry price is also USD 375,000.

Real Estate Scheme (RES)

TheIRS,was introduced in replacement of the IRS and PDS with almost identical regulations. The minimum purchase price is also USD 375,000.

Property Development Scheme (PDS)

ThePDS was introduced in replacement of theIRSandPDS with almost identical regulations. The minimum purchase price is also USD 375,000.

Smart City Scheme (SCS)

Smart Cities are large-scale mixed-use developments based on the live-work-play concept. A non-citizen can purchase a property (townhouse, villa, apartment, penthouse or duplex) in one of the Smart Cities under development across the country.

Permanent Residence Permit, d’un Residence Permit or Occupation Permit holders can purchase a serviced plot of land up to 2,100m² to build a residence until 30 June2022.

Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS)

The IHS enables foreign investors to own exclusive hotel rooms/units in Mauritius. They have privileged access to all the facilities of one or more resorts. They can stay there for up to six months in a year and earn rental income.

G+2 Apartments

A foreigner can also buy an apartment within a property development other than theabove. The apartments must be located in buildings of at least three storeys (G+2) and the purchase pricemust be at least Rs 6 million (or the equivalent in any other convertible currency).

Individuals and legal entities eligible to purchase property in Mauritius

The following categories of buyers are eligible for ownership under the various property acquisition schemes

  • a Mauritian or foreign citizen;
  • a compagnie incorporated or registered under the“Companies Act 2001”;
  • a société civile ” governed by the Civil Code of Mauritius and whose articles of association have been filed with the “Registrar of Companies”;
  • a limited partnership (société de personnes) régie par le « Limited Partnership Act »,
  • a trust with at least one trustee being a “Qualified Trustee” approved by the“Financial Services Commission” of Mauritius; and
  • a foundation governed by the “Foundations Act”.

The advantages of property investment in Mauritius

A premier investment destination

Mauritius has the best business climate in Africa with all the conditions for a safe and secure property investment. The list of advantages includes a great climate, a strategic location, political and financial stability, a robust and independent legal system, a favourable tax system, easy air access as well as modern and efficient transport and communication infrastructure.

There is an attractive return on investment coupled with an interesting capital gain on resale.

A favourable tax system

Investing in the Mauritian property market offers many tax advantages. The country has a flat tax rate of 15% and a Solidarity Levy of 25% on all earnings exceeding Rs 3 million per annum. However, there is no tax on capital gains or on dividends from foreign owned investments. There is also no inheritance tax if the beneficiaries are Mauritian tax residents and dividends and profits can be repatriated without restrictions.

In addition, there are Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with more than 40 countries and tax resident status is granted to foreigners who reside on the island for at least 183 days in a given tax year.

Residence permits that do not require property acquisition

Foreigners can stay in Mauritius without any permit between two and six months per year depending on their nationality.

There are however other options for longer stays, such as the Visa Premium, valid for a renewable one-year period or the Long-Stay Visa that allows non-citizens and their dependents to stay for 10 consecutive years.

The Permanent Residence Permit is valid for 20 years and is intended for investors, retirees, professionals, self-employed entrepreneurs and their families. Occupation Permit allows foreigners to reside and work in the country for 10 years.

A foreign retiree can also apply for a three-year Residence Permit to live on the island.

These permits are subject to certain conditions. For more information, visit: